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evolve24 and Sherpa Analytics form Big Data alliance

evolve24 and Sherpa Analytics form Big Data alliance 

“The choice to combine these two entities was driven by a need in the market, as we’ve watched Big Data explode in recent years,” Michael Bryars, CEO of evolve24 said in a press release. “We are thrilled to combine evolve24 and Sherpa Analytics to have the freedom to innovate and grow in a market that is experiencing record growth and advancement.”

Operating under the evolve24 brand, the merged companies will provide businesses with an increased product line that will combine elements of data collection and management with anticipatory intelligence, analytics, real-time reporting and strategic insight.

The merger will also see the new evolve24 expand its focus to include several new analytics models, such as emotion, opinion, loyalty and trust. Additionally, customers will be granted access to data researchers and advisors to assist them with their Big Data management needs.

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