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EQ Works’ Hercules shows decrease in fraudulent ad traffic

EQ Works’ Hercules shows decrease in fraudulent ad traffic 

Hercules, which filters out bad traffic to ensure that ads are seen by real people, was scored for audience quality using Adometry’s Click Forensics product over a 30-day period. Adometry found that the clicks generated by EQ were of higher than average quality.

“Real-time bidding is useless if you aren’t reaching real audiences,” said David Katz, EVP, EQ Works. “Recently, there have been several articles published that show fraudulent web traffic to have surpassed legitimate page views, which is of course a major concern for the entire industry. This isn’t a new issue, but it remains a serious problem,” added Katz. “Our EQ Ads team has been building automated intelligence into our platform to drastically reduce click fraud, false impressions and waste and as a result, we are able to hone in on the best quality clicks and outperform the competition.”

EQ reported that, since the product’s launch in November, Hercules has greatly improved click quality by preventing bidding on traffic that shows suspicious attributes and patterns.

“Google Search has long been accepted as the benchmark of quality for search advertising, but this quality traffic often comes at a high price,” said Katz. “We’ve always believed that our targeted programmatic display ads can generate similar quality at great scale and at a fraction of the cost, and the insights from Adometry support this belief. We are setting the bar high and will continue to innovate to deliver the best results for our advertisers.”

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