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Episode 2 – WRLWND Radio

Episode 2 – WRLWND Radio 


Episode 2


Hi there,

This is Marcello from WRLWND Radio.

For this episode we’ll take look at: Dell’s Chromebook 13 and Body Cameras.

Longtime partners Dell and Google have announced the latest addition to their electronics line: the Dell Chromebook 13.

Traditionally, Chromebooks have been web-based computers, making them ideal for children, seniors, and teens looking to surf the net without putting any files at risk.

The Chromebook 13 is doing the opposite. Designed specifically for the workplace, the Chromebook is equipped with power and protection to make it through high business demands.

While most Chromebooks have no need for advanced malware protection, Dell has armed the Chromebook 13 with a next generation firewall that will give the computer access to authorized company resources, access reporting and tracking.

According to Kirk Schell, Vice President and General Manager, Commercial Client Solutions at Dell the latest Chromebook is designed for the mobile professional, which mixes the cost and simplicity benefits of Google’s Chrome portfolio with Dell’s commitment to design,”

To manage busy workloads and on-the-go commuting, a single charge can give the Chromebook life for 12 hours, while high-speed Intel processors drive productivity.

With all if these features, do you think that the new Chromebook will make a successful entry into the office space?

Next in the news:

Body cameras are a hot topic right now. There is the on-going conversation about their increased use by police and civilians alike to protect oneself.

Well, a new, smaller body camera is about to hit the market, and it is poised to capitalize on all this discussion about body cameras and their use in our society. It is smaller than a credit card in height and width and it weighs less than an iPhone6.

WatchGuard Video has begun shipping the Standard Capacity version of its VISTA high-definition body-worn camera, which weighs 4.3 ounces and provides 6 hours of HD video recording and 12.5 hours of standby time on a single charge.

This camera comes equipped with WatchGuard’s Record-After-the-Fact technology, which ensures no incident is missed—even if a situation escalates quickly and an officer doesn’t have time to press record. The continuous recording technology allows police agencies to go “back in time” to capture events that would have otherwise been missed, even days later.

It also features ultra-wide dynamic range for superior nighttime recording, a patent-pending locking chest mount and an optional no-fault warranty that features unlimited camera replacements and coverage for brackets, clips and cables.

So what do you think? Is this a necessary to have?

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Thanks for listening.

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