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EP 107 – VR movie theatre and Bose to help you sleep better

EP 107 – VR movie theatre and Bose to help you sleep better 

Show Notes

Paramount pictures in partnership with Bigscreen, is collaborating with several tech companies leading efforts in the virtual reality space — Oculus, Samsung, HTC and Microsoft, among others — to launch the very first VR movie theater.

To kick off the VR movie theater, Paramount plans to host a showing of “Top Gun” in 3D on Dec. 3. If you have a VR headset, you can sign on to and experience Top Gun 3D in what looks like a movie theater.

Bose newest headphones

Bose is hoping with its newest headphones that it can be able to “put an end to sleepless nights” by cancelling out barks, snores and other irritating noises while you sleep — and it’s the smallest product they’ve ever made.

The earbuds connect to the “Bose Sleep” app on your phone, where you can choose which soothing sounds you prefer, out of 10 pre-loaded options.

They are estimated to cost $249 retail price.

Google Maps

Google Maps is adding a bit more color to the interface and making things a little easier to pick out.

There are more categories than before, and the shades used are rather more pastel-like.

These changes will roll out to Maps and other Google products that use it over the next few weeks.

Tech Bytes

Back in 2013, WhatsApp rolled push-to-talk voice messages. Now, the popular messenger is experimenting with a feature to record voice messages without having to hold that what many will consider that irritating button.

WhatsApp will display a new sliding interface for the microphone button. Users will see an option to swipe up to lock into recording mode, allowing them to speak to their phones without holding the button.

Vimeo has added HDR support to its video service. Users will be able to upload HDR videos in up to 8K, and the service also supports 10-bit video. Vimeo says all of its HDR videos will be available on the newest mobile devices with an HDR display, including the iPhone X and iPad Pro, and the Apple TV 4K as well.

It appears that Facebook has removed the delete option on its web-based version. However, the option to delete posts is still available on the mobile website and in the iOS and Android apps. Some believe that Facebook is testing to see what kind of feedback it would get from this move or simply trying to get more users to use the mobile app version.

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