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Entrust launches SHA-2-compliant cloud tools

Entrust launches SHA-2-compliant cloud tools 

With SHA-1 SSL certification being phased out, businesses are quickly upgrading to the new SHA-2 cryptography system. Entrust’s new IdentityGuard Cloud services helps to simplify the migration process by providing a series of cloud-based tools designed for the analysis, management and renewal of SHA-1 certificates.

“Whenever there’s a global change to technology and security standards, organizations are tasked with new challenges and tight deadlines,” Dave Rockvam, SVP of Entrust said in a press release. “Because of the associated risks and ramifications, it’s critical to implement careful strategies for migration to SHA-2 SSL certificates. It’s not just websites that are affected, but software, applications and operating systems as well.”

IdentityGuard provides companies with real-time information about areas that require certification updates, and the order in which to renew them. This expedites the entire process while also reducing operational costs.

The platform also features scanning tools that enable IT managers to identify and locate SHA-1 SSL certificates that are marked for upgrades, and build customer dashboard to assist with the renewal process.


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