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Enterprise Companies Making the Move to SAP

Enterprise Companies Making the Move to SAP 

This week’s event in Las Vegas, SuccessConnect 2015, contained interesting announcements that further solidified “why” SAP’s product suite has such an appeal and why they are the leader in cloud-based HR software solutions. As the old adage goes, “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication,” so is SAP’s cloud suite of solutions for HR. Simple, effective, and highly flexible.

Even Disney is on board. At the event Jane Bemis, VP of enterprise HR information systems at Disney, spoke about their integration of SAP products to create a rich and easy to use experience for their employees.

Workforce management is a serious job, especially for larger and multinational companies. Products like SuccessFactors Talent solutions help both the HR department in onboarding, training, and recruiting, as well as their C-level executives to better understand the current HR issues or struggles, through analytics applications.

In the past HR has often been a “reactive” element within a company’s ecosystem. Now with the help of SAP, HR departments are becoming more and more proactive and strategic within organizations. Mike Ettling, president, HR Line of Business at SuccessFactors said, “A job can only become simpler with the help of a modern technology that eliminates silos, complications and constraints of the past, and frees people to be able to focus on work that moves business forward.”

It’s this elimination of silos that is setting SAP apart from the competition and making them a very appealing solution for companies of all sizes.

Look for more interviews and details on SAP’s cloud-based suite of offerings.

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