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Engineering opportunity

Engineering opportunity 

Engineers Canada, the country’s national engineering organization, has released EngScape, an interactive online portal for all things engineering.

From employment rates to salary, university enrollment and diversity, the portal breaks all the data down by engineering discipline and province.

“EngScape is a unique tool and tremendous resource for anyone looking for information about engineering, or attempting to navigate the world of careers in this field,” said Engineers Canada CEOKim Allen.. “The engineering labour market is shifting, and access to timely and reliable information is essential to enable employers, job-seekers and decision-makers to respond to these changes.”

For those hoping to become involved in the industry, the portal features profiles of individual engineers, complete with typical job descriptions, requirements, and career outlooks for each discipline.

Experienced engineers can use the data to find their next jobs. This proves especially useful for internationally trained engineers, who can explore the offerings and opportunities of the Canadian workforce.

Engineers Canada produced EngScape with the help of the Informationa dn Communications Technology Council. The partnership is yet another example of how industries across Canada are leveraging technology to grow and advance their professions.

“We are proud to have worked with ICTC to develop EngScape for the engineering labour market,” said Engineers Canada’s Vice-President of Strategy and Partnerships,Jeanette M. Southwood. “They leveraged their experience and expertise and worked with us to create this valuable resource that will help regulators, employers, educational institutions and policy-makers enhance their workforce strategies to meet the needs of the Canadian economy.”

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