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Empirix releases OneSight 9.0 for performance monitoring

Empirix releases OneSight 9.0 for performance monitoring 

Empirix OneSight provides end-to-end monitoring, analysis of voice, video and data quality, as well as alerts and actions plans for the fast resolution of network or contact centre problems. The updated version, Empirix OneSight 9.0, takes performance monitoring a step further. It allows businesses to test customer behaviours, such as navigating a complex IVR menu or holding a 50-person conference call, and measure the performance results from the test customer’s perspective.

“Most monitoring solutions focus only on packets or information from a specific router or switch. That does not offer the insight companies need to assess how users are experiencing certain services,” said Tim Moynihan, vice president of marketing for Empirix. “Empirix OneSight changes the game. Not only does it present a complete picture of the entire environment from end to end, but it can also actively evaluate how well a contact center or enterprise communication system is delivering on its most important key performance indicator – customer satisfaction.”

Empirix OneSight uses both active and passive monitoring techniques to detect potential issues with applications and network performance before they affect customers. The new version also helps companies get a complete understanding of customer experience and voice quality, across a number of environments including SIP Trunking, TDM and IP Infrastructures.  

Empirix is a leader in end-to-end network performance visibility, with its ability to analyze customer behaviors in real time.

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