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EMC Forum 2013 comes to Toronto

EMC Forum 2013 comes to Toronto 

Vic Bhagat, EVP and CIO, EMC, delivered the first of two keynote addresses. “Life was simple in the days of punch cards,” he reminisced. A few decades ago, the biggest advance in the world of information technology was the mainframe. The mainframe was replaced by the rise of distributed computing. Today, the enterprise must contend with mobility, the cloud, Big Data and social media. Bhagat acknowledged that these technologies are complicated and disruptive. However, they also provide an enormous opportunity for businesses.

To combat this complexity, as well as to enable its customers to be profitable and competitive, Bhagat noted that EMC’s focus will be to become a partner of choice for Big Data and the cloud. He added that an important component of that combination will be trust. “Big Data and cloud mean nothing without trust,” Bhagat remarked. “No one will move to the cloud if they don’t trust the environment and the data.” EMC will still be aiming its attentions at storage, but it will broaden its scope to help its customers reduce their operational costs, increase their revenue and reduce risks, said Bhagat. This shift will involve extensive consultation with the company’s client base, something in which EMC is well-versed. Bhagat discussed EMC solutions which will help its customers meet these challenges. One of these products is Pivotal, which Bhagat called “analytics in a box.” Pivotal sits on a virtualized platform and is storage independent.

EMC executives also believe that VCE can play a role in the transformation of IT. VCE was founded in 2009 as a joint venture between Cisco and EMC. It became a company in 2011. Frank Hauck, president, VCE, spoke in the second keynote about how his company can contribute to its customers’ success. He pointed out that VCE’s products help meet lines-of-business’ desire for rapid provisioning of new services, flexible applications and “always on” IT systems. VCE’s best-of-breed converged infrastructure, end-to-end support, optimized solutions, high speed delivery and interoperability validation bring those dreams to fruition. Hauck also proudly commented that VCE was voted the leading converged infrastructure vendor in 2011 and 2012.

Mike Sharun, EMC country manager for Canada, remarked that the company is “better positioned to help customers than anyone else in the marketplace.” Sharun explained that EMC’s success in Canada is due to a strong relationship with its partners. “We’ve been going to market in Canada primarily through our partners,” he said. EMC partners deliver the company’s products as well as added value to the customer, he noted. The company has devoted significant resources to ensure partner success, such as offering the option to work with partner managers and technical consultants to help EMC partners go to market. 

Sharun commented that he has seen the emergence of new trends in the channel, particularly among EMC partners. “Our partners are broadening their workloads,” he said. Instead of performing technology refreshes as they did in the past, EMC partners are now providing more solutions, such as backup, cloud integration and improving virtualization. “They’re going deeper into our customers’ business than they have in the past,” Sharun observed. This trend is based on customer behaviour. “Customers are demanding more from our partners,” Sharun stated. “They don’t want to have to deal with more than one partner.” EMC customers are also asking the company’s partners to deliver even greater value. As a result, Sharun believes the company’s partners will have to provide more services and solutions in order to stay competitive. With a combination of EMC’s partner program incentives and highly regarded products, Sharun predicted the company’s partners should be successful in this regard.

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