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EMC acquires DSSD

EMC acquires DSSD 

“With DSSD, we’re writing the definitive next chapter,” said David Goulden, CEO, EMC II, in his keynote. “What if you could have a rack-scale flash storage system that has game changing IOPS, that has hundreds of terabytes of storage, that has the manageability of shared storage, and has native application interfaces? This is the technology that the DSSD team has been developing. DSSD completes an important part of our flash everywhere strategy.”

The company works on rack-scale flash storage, but little else is known about its work; it has yet to bring a product to market, and its website is devoid of information about its operations.

“Anytime we found someone who understood what we were working on, we hired them and told them, ‘Don’t talk to anyone else,’” joked Bill Moore, president and CEO, DSSD, when asked how DSSD managed to keep itself secret over the course of four years.

Moore will lead the DSSD business within EMC, while Andy Bechtolsheim, chairman and Chief Development Officer with Arista Networks and former co-founder of Sun Microsystems, will serve as DSSD’s strategic advisor.

“The DSSD acquisition was to solve a number of challenges,” said Jeremy Burton, president, Products and Marketing, EMC. “In the current world we live in, one size does not fit all. It will not fit all in the world we’re heading into either. EMC wants to include flash everywhere, but we look at the right tool for the right platform based on the workload.”

EMC executives were tight-lipped about the terms of the acquisition, but a press release indicated that the company hopes to release products based on DSSD’s architecture in 2015. The products will be “optimized for in-memory databases, real-time analytics, [and] high-performance applications used by research and government agencies.”

“If you have applications that are very I/O intensive and need low latency and high bandwidth, this company has the storage products for you,” said Joe Tucci, CEO, EMC, in the conclusion of his keynote address.

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