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Embotics to release vCommander 5.0 at VMworld

Embotics to release vCommander 5.0 at VMworld 

Version 5.0 of vCommander introduces functionality that allows users to consume data from a variety of platforms. It supports external cloud provisioning from Amazon. Support for other public cloud providers will be added soon.

John Ross, Embotics CTO commented, “vCommander 5.0 focuses on the ability to optimize the current environment to make sure costs are in line, and then to help recommend changes that would show value in both cost savings and the ability to deploy new services.” He continued, “The goal is to allow businesses to confidently expand their estate to consume hybrid environments without the complexity associated with hybrid IT, ultimately enabling the consumption of resources on demand and ‘as a service.’ vCommander 5.0 will offer functionality across business audiences to achieve desired business goals.”

Embotics’ cloud service broker platform, to be released in 2014, will combine business intelligence and analytics so reseller and system integrator customers can consume ITaaS. 

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