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E-commerce is still a challenge for some SMEs

E-commerce is still a challenge for some SMEs 

Approximately 21 per cent of respondents in UPS Canada’s fifth annual Small Business Challenges survey acknowledged that they are not presently involved in e-commerce. But what’s even more surprising to note is that this number remains unchanged from the 2014 report.

“We were surprised by this year’s report, considering that more people are purchasing online than ever before,” said Mark Tabor, vice president, marketing, UPS Canada. “Year-over-year growth of online sales in both B2C and B2B channels shows us that customers want – and expect – vendors to have e-commerce capabilities and, without them, these businesses risk losing customers in a competitive marketplace.”

Though SMEs are aware that e-commerce plays a vital role for business, and that failure to adapt means they risk losing out in the long run, some are still unable to fully integrate into e-commerce. Many of these organizations face technical expertise challenges, while others don’t have the needed resources. This was confirmed by the report, which indicates that over 46 per cent of those surveyed find it challenging to support online platforms with consistent, excellent customer service. Another 39 per cent of respondents said they face an ongoing management and coordination challenge with a seamless supply chain and delivery system, a persistent problem that has grown by almost 10 per cent over 2014. 

So as a way of addressing these challenges and to help SMEs to keep abreast with mobile and digital communications, UPS Canada is offering services and online tools that can help SMEs create an effective supply chain strategy. UPS is also offering 20 per cent off shipping when a new business signs up for the UPS Small Business Program.

“We collaborate with our customers to help solve their e-commerce challenges so that they can focus on what they do best, their business,” adds Tabor.

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