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Dodoname plays the privacy marketing game

Dodoname plays the privacy marketing game 

Marketers need to put their offers in front of the right people – potential customers. Solid demographic, consumer preference, and contact information can make or break a marketing campaign. Many consumers duck when asked for personal information; in addition to the obvious privacy concerns, providing an email address often results in spam.

Dodoname, headquartered in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, promises to place control back into the hands of the consumer and provide marketers with more of the information they crave. The cloud-based system consists of three components: a consumer application, a mobile app, and an upcoming merchant site.

“Dodoname is a unified marketing platform for B2C companies that reduces the risk of consumer data breaches,” explained Michael Gaffney, the firm’s President and CEO. “We provide a basket of features and tools in one system: personalization, market research, email marketing, offer delivery, coupon delivery in-store, e-commerce, mobile marketing and localization. Our privacy model places consumers in control of their own information. We have solved an interesting problem; ensuring consumer privacy and enabling product personalization.”

Their free consumer application ( launched in November 2014. The only information required to sign up is an email address that Dodoname uses only for login, password resets, and communication between Dodoname and the consumer. According to Gaffney the firm doesn’t want names, addresses, or other identifying information. They don’t need it.

One of the core features provided by the consumer site is disposable email addresses. Users choose an alias for the site and generate separate email addresses for each entity they wish to communicate with. Upon first use the email alias is locked to the sender’s domain, preventing any other party from using it to spam the consumer.

Dodoname email addresses can be valid for as long as the user desires. For convenience, they can be set to automatically expire after one day or one month, and manually disabled at any time.

The consumer application also allows users to maintain an anonymous profile containing demographic and profile information. All information is optional and can be updated at any time. Starting next month, merchants will be able to direct targeted offers based on profile information. Merchants will not be able to view profile details or the consumer’s email address.

Unlike most marketing platforms, Dodoname seeks to place control in the hands of the consumer. At the click of a mouse the consumer can block all offers from a specific merchant. Users can purchase offers through Dodoname or “raise their hand”to anonymously contact the merchant. This allows consumers to indicate that an offer doesn’t meet their needs and the Dodoname system will allow the merchant to create a custom offer in response.

Purchases made through Dodoname can be redeemed online or in a physical store. This process will be enhanced with this week’s launch of the Dodoname mobile application for iOS. The purchase process takes privacy into account and is designed to prevent merchants from linking redemption codes for online or in-store purchases back to the user’s anonymous profile.

While merchants may request information for shipping or other valid business purposes, they receive it directly from the purchaser, keeping the consumer in charge. In addition to online purchases, Dodoname allows merchants to offer coupons and links to web sites of interest.

Dodoname is embarking on an ambitious journey; offering a platform for personalized marketing without merchants incurring risks associated with collecting and storing personal information. Keeping consumers in control of their own information resonates with the privacy conscious.

However, to do so, Dodoname must carefully protect the data entrusted to the firm by its users. This has historically proven a difficult task, but if Dodoname succeeds the company will be one to watch in 2015.

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