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Do you squint? Five Apps to make your life easier

Do you squint? Five Apps to make your life easier 

Thankfully, help is on the way! While high-tech firms in the smartphone business may take a lot of heat from older folks for screwing up the traditional telephone, they have finally realized that people over the age of 50 (most of them, anyway) need to communicate too.

Now, that doesn’t mean we’re going back to cords and the easy-to-dial touchtone phone; rather, you’ll notice a lot more apps for the rotary generation on the app store – that is, if you could just figure out how to get to it!

If you’re reading this right now with glasses perched on the end of your nose, the following apps will make your life – and using your phone – easier.

Silver Surf

For those who’d love to surf the internet on their iPhone, but struggle to see it, a free web-browser app called “Silver Surf” offers white on black graphics, larger navigation buttons and a zoom slider for text magnification.


This app may not make operating your phone any easier, but it will allow you to read a menu’s small text in a dimly lit restaurant. Launch the app and scan any text with your phone’s camera for instant magnification. The flash also works as a flashlight at the same time to illuminate the text you’re trying to read.

BigFONT OCR Text Reader

For $3.49, this handy app does more than just magnify. Take a picture of a label, newspaper article, anything that contains text, and the BigFONT OCR Text Reader will scan the selection, transfer it to your screen, and blow-up the font. Don’t want to read? It can also read for you!

BigNames – Large-Text Contact List

You just got an email from your son admitting that he spent his living allowance for the university semester during frosh week. This warrants a call – immediately – but scrolling through your contacts to find his number takes forever on account of the tiny text. BigNames takes your existing contact list and turns every one of your contacts into just that – big, high-contrast names – that become much easier to read. It even prioritizes frequently used contacts.

Face Dialer Premium

If all you want is to be able to make a call – easily – this $1.19 app might be for you. As long as you can attach photos to your contacts, all you need to do once opening up this app is simply tap on the photo of the person you’d like to call, and voila, done. And don’t worry, those pics of friends and family… they’re big, and on a black background.

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