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dinCloud offers cloud cover for lending industry

dinCloud offers cloud cover for lending industry 

Canada’s Tangerine has long been a pioneer in foregoing a footprint in lieu of a digital presence, recently mainstream lenders like Scotiabank have begun offering digital cheque deposits, and even the World Bank has embraced public cloud services.

It’s in the midst of this more receptive environment that United States-based cloud provider dinCloud announced a suite of cloud services specially designed for the lending industry.

“The cloud is a natural step for lending institutions looking for more business agility,” said Ali Din, general manager and CMO, dinCloud. “We’ve seen the service translate into faster onboarding of employees and branches, enhanced data security, and additional savings.”

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The lending solutions suite from dinCloud offers a number of benefits while meeting the security requirements dictated by governing bodies, including:

Security – dinCloud’s infrastructure offers several protective features that services from IP filtering to the dedicated firewall associated with each cloud resource. Security is built into the foundation of its virtual private data centers, which also adhere to SSAE 16 auditing standards.

 Scalability – Lending firms are subject to fluctuating market demand and swings in staffing. The Lending solutions suite offers a scalable, pay-per-use model, amenable to businesses and that can be adjusted real-time.

Business Continuity – Business continuity/disaster recovery (BC/DR) functionality is built-in with redundancy and failover mechanisms. On top of that, dinCloud offers replication and backup services for added protection of company data.

Cost effective – dinCloud’s solutions help lenders gain freedom from costly and complex on-premises projects through a monthly subscription plan.

Bank of England use case

When Bank of England, a leading mortgage lender more than 70 branches across the U.S., recently sought a technology refresh, it turned to dinCloud.

The bank wanted to upgrade the way it maintained, administered, and tracked devices across its network of divisional devices.

Because assets no longer had to ship assets back and forth between branches, dinCloud’s implementation eased the burden of maintaining and tracking hardware assets between geographically dispersed branches, drastically reducing costs, said Patrick McCarriar, director of information technology at Bank of England.

He said the cloud rollout also improved efficiency.

“We had a challenge keeping pace with the rate at which our business was expanding into new branches and traditional IT processes were holding us back,” said McCarriar. “The agility of dinCloud’s platform allows us to easily get new branches up and running quickly, which is of tremendous value to our business.”

He also liked how the new service cut down complexity.

“We also wanted to implement a solution that allowed us to keep ahead of the dynamic security requirements of the finance industry. dinCloud enabled us to streamline the implementation and maintenance of security controls by providing a seamless, coherent network for all of my IT assets,” the IT director said. “That efficiency and flexibility not only ensures the integrity of my environment but also grants our customers peace of mind.”

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