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Digital knowledge is power: Survey

Digital knowledge is power: Survey 

The poll, which was conducted by the .CA Community Investment Program, reveals that more than three-quarters of respondents (78 per cent) believe that Canadian workers could increase their productivity at work if they had additional Internet and technology-related skills.

Additionally, the findings suggest that more education could provide employees with the knowledge base they need to excel at certain tasks and work more efficiently. The study also suggests that the Internet has the potential to have a positive impact on Canada’s economic and social well-being.

“This study confirms that Canadians have high expectations for the value of the Internet to Canada’s social and economic fabric,” explained David Fowler, Director of Communications and Marketing for .CA.

“We take this challenge seriously and have designed the .CA Community Investment Program to provide funding to projects that improve the Internet in Canada. This year, CIRA will distribute $1 million to projects working on the ground to deploy solutions to meet the challenges raised in this study.” 

The survey also showed that 90 per cent of those polled believed in the importance of supporting the unemployed with more training in new technology, while 82 per cent believed that high school graduates should have fundamental technology skills, which would help them find their niche in today’s digital economy.

Furthermore, 87 per cent agreed that the country’s economy could be improved by promoting better Internet access across the country, as compared to the 49 per cent of lower-income Canadians who believed that Internet access is vital to economy.

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