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Digital collaboration in 140 characters or less

Digital collaboration in 140 characters or less 

Twitter’s new group direct message and mobile video capture functions allow for direct messages to be shared with multiple users and videos to be uploaded and edited through Twitter’s mobile applications.

Christopher Doyle, director of media partnerships for Twitter Canada discusses why these new features were introduced, how they will promote collaboration and what the future holds for mobile collaboration and content sharing.

IT in Canada: What led to the development of these new features?
Doyle: At Twitter, we’re always looking for new features and options to add to the platform to support our users. Twitter is a rich and immersive platform and we see people using it for business, for fun, to keep up with their latest sporting events or world news. So we wanted people to be able to communicate and share really engaging content in an even more customizable way.

ITIC: Why is now the time to integrate group direct messages and mobile video capture into Twitter?
CD: Twitter allows users to communicate directly with peers, brands and celebrities alike, but we wanted to give users even more options for how and with whom to communicate with on Twitter. Group Direct Messages are another option for communication on the platform.

We also know that video is a really compelling way to tell a story so we wanted to give users the option to seamlessly capture, edit and share videos right from the Twitter app. The camera was designed to be simple and help users easily capture and share life’s interesting moments as they happen. Viewing and playing videos is just as simple: videos are previewed with a thumbnail and can be played with just one tap.

ITIC: How will these new features promote collaboration amongst peers or co-workers?
The new group Direct Messages really allow users to continue a public conversation in a private forum with a smaller group. This means that peers and co-workers can have a separate dialogue through Twitter in a convenient and easy-to-use way.

For instance, if a user sees a really interesting Tweet or spots a fun trending topic, they can converse about it in real-time through the group Direct Messages. It also fuels collaboration because users can start conversations with any of their followers, even if they don’t follow one another, it’s a great option to bring everyone together in conversation.

ITIC: How can social media-reliant businesses benefit from these new features?
The new mobile video capture feature will help businesses to easily add videos to unfolding conversations and show their own compelling brand content through video. Video is such a rich way to showcase content and this new feature will allow businesses to increase engagement with existing and new followers through Twitter in real-time.

ITIC: What does the future hold for social collaboration on social media platforms?
CD: Twitter provides a powerful way for users from around the world to collaborate and share content in real-time. In terms of the future, collaborating on social platforms will not only be the status quo but we will be able to create things online in real-time that we never imagined.

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