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Destiny Media Technologies’ Fall Release

Destiny Media Technologies’ Fall Release 

As the creator of Play MPE, a system which securely distributes pre-released music to radio, and the developer of Clipstream, a cross-platform instant play video streaming format, Destiny Media Technologies is any content owner’s best friend. Recently, it has announced the successful completion for roll out of its fall release, and from what we’ve heard so far, it only gets better for users. 

In this new version, Clipstream’s engine will be updated with new features and back-end improvements for the cloud product. The introduction of technology for the advertising industry, and a new player API will allow third parties to assemble Clipstream into their own offerings. In addition, an encoding API is in development to hasten third party integration. 

“We are very excited about the new fall release of Clipstream as it further improves on our summer release, which was a major milestone for the company and introduced cloud-based encoding into the technology,” said Darren Martz, Director of Software Development.  “As we focus on increasing volume from advertisers and market research, we plan to continue to innovate and scale rapidly based on consumer demand, while maintaining our focus on managing operating costs.  As we continue to further refine the technology, we expect to roll out a new Clipstream release this winter.”

Improving Destiny’s propriety server management has been a major focus since the summer release. The system can access potentially unlimited bandwidth, servers, and storage arrays. But how can they guarantee maximum efficiency and reduce costs if the resources aren’t tied to intelligent machine estimates on near term future demand? Well, both the company and users alike can finally breathe a sigh of relief as the update has not only brought a 300% reduction in encoding operation costs, but done so while increasing customer satisfaction through responsiveness. 

Director of Product Management, Rick Ramsay, said, “A major focus for the fall release was improving the experience for users where CPU and bandwidth are limited and we believe our new adaptive playback system addresses these concerns.  We have also found that larger customers need better control and integration of our engine into their own offerings. Thus, we released a powerful yet easy to use player object for embedding into a web site.  In the new release, the API empowers customers to control playback behavior and presentation using Javascript integrated in their own web site. Additionally, we are working on an encoding API for integration with customer and partner processes, along with a much stronger CODEC for the winter release which will improve the overall user experience,” concluded Mr. Ramsay.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed that Destiny Media Technologies’ fall release can live up to all the buzz it’s been generating, and let’s hope their winter release can deliver just as much as their producers are promising. 

For all the curious customers out there, the latest Clipstream improvements are available for free trial at  Demos that show play back across a wide variety of devices without a plug-in are available at:


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