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Facebook Russians ads

Facebook Russians ads 

Hear more about:

  • Facebook announced that Russian-linked accounts had purchased $100,000 worth of advertising.
  • What can $100,000 of ad purchase really do?
  • Have all the ads been discovered?
  • Attackers according to Deloitte accessed data from the company’s email platform.
  • Deloitte’s corporate VPN passwords, user names, and operational details were found online.
  • A Deloitte employee uploaded company proxy login credentials to his public Google+ page.
  • Gartner in June named Deloitte the world’s best IT security consultancy for the fifth year in a row.
  • Disaster comes in many forms – natural as well as in tech.
  • What’s your recovery plan like in the event of a disaster?
  • All businesses need to have a disaster recovery plan in place to get their business back up and running within a specified span of time after the disruption.

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