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Dell SecureWorks launches server protection services

Dell SecureWorks launches server protection services 

Dell SecureWorks is an industry leader in information security services. Its new product was designed to allow businesses to protect their servers with a single service, whether on-site or in the cloud.

The server protection service uses several components of the Deep Security software from Trend Micro. These include its firewall, intrusion detection system and anti-malware protection. Dell SecureWorks says that its analysts will monitor, analyze and help remediate any security threats uncovered by the Deep Security software.  

“Cyber-attacks are becoming more sophisticated every day so it’s imperative for organizations to adopt a multi-layer protection strategy for their high-value servers,” said Dan DeRosa, director of product management at Dell SecureWorks. “Our Incident Response experts and Counter Threat Unit (CTU) researchers continually investigate breaches where hackers use a small entry point to infiltrate a company’s network and access critical servers. The Server Protection Services, powered by threat context from our incident response and research team, provides a strong security posture.”

The Monitored Server Protection Service includes 24/7 security-event monitoring, health and uptime monitoring, and a unified customer portal. According to Dell SecureWorks, the product is currently available for physical and virtual servers in cloud-hosted and on-premise environments.

“We view this as an important relationship that will redefine the concept of comprehensive data center security in physical, virtual and cloud environments,” said Partha Panda, vice president of US channel sales, Trend Micro. “Combining the power of Dell SecureWorks and Trend Micro Deep Security establishes a premier security offering in the cloud and virtualization space. Reliable protection that is simple to use and easy to manage will be fundamental regardless of the server platform being utilized, and we look forward to supporting Dell as this evolution continues.”

In addition to this product, Dell SecureWorks is designing a Managed Server Protection Solution. The solution includes all of the currently offered services, as well as policy creation/management, health management and a hosted management console. It is planned to launch in Q1 2014.

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