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Dell updates its Active System Manager

Dell updates its Active System Manager 

Active System Manager was designed to help businesses with end-to-end converged infrastructure management. Version 7.5 speed ups workload delivery and helps IT departments manage complex data centres that often have a mix of technologies from different vendors. The new release also helps helps businesses accelerate their convergence plans.

Sam Greenblatt, chief technology officer of Dell Enterprise Solutions, commented: “The real world of IT is not simple or monolithic. Customers often have a mix of technologies from different vendors and are looking at converged solutions to help run their data centers more smoothly and efficiently. The problem is many organizations cannot throw out previous investments to go to a single vendor’s converged offering. That’s where Dell is unique – we offer a differentiated approach to convergence and offer customers a choice of strategies – whether it is physical or virtual, and also provide options for managing heterogeneous environments. Today’s announcement with Active System Manager 7.5 takes our strategy a step further and helps customers accelerate their convergence plans.”

With its new interface, the Active System Manager 7.5 offers end-to-end infrastructure and workload automation through a single console. It also offers third-party hardware support, to help companies manage multi-vendor infrastructure environments. The new product will be available in the first quarter of 2014.

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