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Dell Premium Support Plus predicts computer problems before they start

Dell Premium Support Plus predicts computer problems before they start 

Early this week, Dell began offering its consumer customers a new support plan which even provides predictive issue monitoring – a feature that allows Dell technicians to alert customers of potential system problems even before they arise.

Dell support service offerings start’s with the company’s Basic Hardware Service. This level of service comes with a one-year standard warranty. The service telephone, email and chat tech support, remote problem diagnosis and more.

This service includes:

  • Reliable support for products in non-critical business and home environments
  • Over-the-phone problem diagnosis with Dell technical support professionals
  • Onsite or offsite support at a Dell-designated and authorized repair centre

The new Premium Support Plus announced this week, is the “most comprehensive support service” available on Dell consumer and gaming PC, according to Hubert Pan, director of product management for Dell EMC.

“What we’ve completed for our consumer customers is the good, better, best options computer care,” he said in an interview with IT in Canada. “The package rounds out the company’s product service offerings.”

The Premium Support Plus service builds on the features customers have come to enjoy with Dell’s Premium Support such as 24×7 phone support, onsite service after remote diagnosis, and hardware and software support.

Premium Support Plus includes the features of Dell’s Premium Support package such as:

  • Repairs for accidental damages like drops, spills and electrical surges
  • Personalized help with software for more complex issues
  • Help for setting data backup, and parental controls

To up the ante, Dell is now providing its SupportAssist technology for consumer and gaming PCs.

“It is the first and only consumer service to proactively detect issues, predict problems before they start, automatically remove viruses, and automatically updates and improves PC performance,” said Pan. “SMBs already have access to these services… we are offering it now to consumers in a way that is specially targeted to their needs.”

The service is available for Dell PCs that are up to four-years-old. Customers can sign up for the service through Dell and accredited partners. Prices start at US$139/year to $319/year. Prices may vary depending on the hardware.

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