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Dell launches the Hybrid Client – a modern client solution for the new normal
English global static social media asset for the FY21Q2 Dell Hybrid Client campaign.

Dell launches the Hybrid Client – a modern client solution for the new normal 

While the industry is moving to private and public cloud services, it’s a hybrid world for the foreseeable future – these legacy and cloud-native applications need to co-exist. Dell Hybrid Client is part of our continued commitment to offer Dell’s customers a choice in their client modernization.

Key Features

  • Instant Access: It provides a single sign-on and single management interface allowing users to access necessary applications and data regardless of where its hosted. IT employees can also manage multiple environments from one interface.
  • Consistent Experience: The DHC has a Follow-me experience which lets users have a consistent user experience no matter the device they use.
  • Performance: With the cloud-delivered applications executed by locally, DHC leverages on the power of Dell HW devices to improve on user experience.
  • Simplified Workflow: Clients can conveniently access any kind of application and storage location which minimizes workflow interruption.
  • Security: The DHC has a strong security system which protects users and company information.
  • Ready on Day One: All the features are made readily available with its smart, low-touch deployment from the cloud using the Wyse Management Suite.
  • Comprehensive Software Support: Dell ProSupport is included with the Hybrid Client and provides a resolution to software bugs with auto alerts, remote diagnosis, case creation, and access to ProSupport engineers.

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