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Dell introduces multi-engine approach to sandboxing

Dell introduces multi-engine approach to sandboxing 

The company said adaptive, multi-engine sandboxing approach, is an “industry first.” With this new approach, Dell Security is incorporating the VMRay third-generation Analyzer threat detection analysis engine with the Lastline Breach Detection platform and the Dell SonicWall Sonic Sandbox threat analysis engine, to deliver a three-layer level of defense that organizations need to safeguard against today’s unknown threats.

The meteoric rise of various types of targeted, evasive and zero-day threats across computing systems and devices means both organizations and individuals have a keen interest in protecting themselves before these threats reach the point of destruction,” said  Patrick Sweeney, vice president, product management and marketing, Dell Security. “With the  launch of this advanced threat protection service, Dell Security is addressing our customers’ real and urgent need to detect these threats across every key attack vector, with a scalable service that quickly delivers value in any customer environment from the moment it’s turned on.


Hackers zero in on SSL/TLS encryption users: Dell

“With the new Dell SonicWALL Capture service, Dell Security is offering the most effective advanced persistent threat (APT) prevention solution in the market, and this service a significant proof point in our strategy to integrate best-of-breed partners into our Connected Security platform,” according to Curtis Hutcheson, general manager, Dell Security.

This new cloud offering reinforces the commitment Dell Security has made to delivering comprehensive protection against the meteoric growth of zero-day attacks targeting businesses today, as identified in the Dell Security 2015 Threat Report. The Dell SonicWall Capture Service will be showcased this week at RSA Conference Feb. 29 – March 3 in San Francisco.

With smarter threats and malware often designed to detect the presence of a virtual sandbox and evade discovery, organizations need an intelligent, advanced threat detection system that not only analyzes the behavior of suspicious files but also uncovers hidden malware without being detected itself.

Industry analyst firm Gartner stated, “IT risk and security leaders must invest in technical, procedural and human capabilities to detect when a compromise occurs. They must provide the tools for first responders to react quickly and investigate the source and impact of breaches, compromises, and incidents.”

The triple combination of VMRay Analyzer and Lastline Breach Detection with Dell SonicWall Sonic Sandbox sandboxing engines, which analyzes suspicious objects in parallel, delivers a “virtually evasion-proof security solution” that not only analyzes the file and reports malicious file behaviour, but automates security by blocking malware at the gateway until a verdict is determined, according to Dell.

SonicWall Capture conducts not only virtual sandbox analysis, but also full system emulation and hypervisor-level analysis across all key OS environments, and file types for virtually any file size.

Further infiltration of the identified malware/threat is prevented with a fast deployment of remediation signatures through the Dell SonicWall Grid, Dell Security’s cloud forensics platform that leverages real-time analytics from more than one million connected next-generation firewalls (NGFWs) worldwide.

The service scales to specific organizational needs by leveraging the cloud subscription service delivery model, which works in concert with all Dell SonicWall NGFWs.




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