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Dell grows PCaaS options

Dell grows PCaaS options 

 According to the 2016 Dell and Intel Future Workforce Study, 81 say of young workers says technology influences the job they take. These demands are also driving a rethink of the traditional PC lifecycle model.

In response to this trend, Dell has introduced innovative devices like the Dell Latitude 7000 2-in-1 with wireless charging keyboard and mat, and  XPS laptops with InfinityEdge displays.

Dell and VMware also introduced the zero-touch Windows 10 Provisioning by VMware AirWatch service. The two companies are also involved in joint engineering initiatives to integrate VMware Workspace ONE, with Dell Client Command Suite to enable the next step in cloud management.

These two solutions provide organizations with a choice in how to simplify and streamline PC management, whether they choose a full-service solution for procuring, deploying and managing PCs, or opt for self-service PC deployment and management. 

Dell’s expanded PCaaS options include Dell Endpoint Security Suite Enterprise for file-based data encryption and advanced threat prevention; VMware AirWatch for modern, over-the-air unified endpoint management; or Absolute Data and Device Security for asset tracking and adaptive endpoint security.

The standard PCaaS offer is the ProDeploy Client Suite to provide full deployment from project management through planning, configuration, and integration.

The ProSupport Suite for PCs and Tablets helps meet all support needs including priority access to expert support and proactive monitoring for automatic issue prevention and resolution.

“With digital and workforce transformation, the way people work is changing,” said John Moody, vice-president, client solutions services product group, Dell. “To respond to this shift, IT needs a simpler solution to provide end users with the most relevant and secure technology, and manage it throughout the entire PC lifecycle.”

For organizations that do not require full lifecycle services offered by PCaaS, Dell is introducing Windows 10 Provisioning by AirWatch.

The integration of AirWatch unified endpoint management (UEM) technology, which powers the VMware Workspace ONE digital workspace platform, will simply PC deployment, according to Dell.

AirWatch also integrates with Dell Client Command Suite. This enables firmware settings to be configured from the cloud as part of the zero-touch provisioning process.

“What’s different about what we’ve been able to jointly engineer with AirWatch and Dell Client Command Suite is you can now manage all devices from one console and manage them at the firmware level in addition to the OS,” said Brett Hansen, vice president, client software and general manager, data security, Dell. “Now, IT can optimize power management for peak and off-peak times, get reports on battery and system health to reduce user downtime and data loss, and remotely manage the BIOS settings for increased security.”

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