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Dell expands endpoint security offerings

Dell expands endpoint security offerings 

The company’s Dell Endpoint Data and Security Management Portfolio announced here yesterday at the Dell EMC World 2016 conference is also being targeted at organizations seeking to reduce the number of vendors they are working with.

“With our Endpoint Data Security and Management Portfolio, we are solving real customer pain points when it comes to purchasing and deploying security solutions,” said Jeff Clarke, vice chairman, Operations, and president, Client Solutions Group, Dell. “Customers have told us they want to consolidate vendors to ease the manageability burden while enhancing their security. That is what we are doing.”

Cyber attacks and data breaches have become a major threat to large end medium-sized businesses. One of the pain points for organizations is managing and securing the ever increasing number of company-sanctioned, and personal mobile devices connecting to the corporate network.

The challenge is to ensure that the company network and data are secured in a way that will not hinder the productivity and efficiency of the mobile workforce.

Organizations want to simplify the process of purchasing and deploying protection and security solutions for desktops, laptops, and mobile devices by working with a vendor that can provide more of what they need.

According to Dell, Endpoint Data Security, and Management will allow employees to securely work when, where and with the tools they need, without compromising security controls and protections.

The new portfolio consists of four main pillars: 

Data Protection

Dell Data Protection, Endpoint Security Suite Enterprise provides authentication, file-based data encryption, and advanced threat prevention in a single solution to enable businesses to protect their data while proactively preventing external threats including advanced persistent threats and malware. 

MozyEnterprise and MozyPro provide secure, cloud data protection for laptops, desktops and small servers across a distributed enterprise or small to mid-size business for resilient and easy recovery from data loss incidents ranging from user error to ransomware and malware attacks. Employing robust encryption, Mozy allows small and large businesses alike to embrace the convenience and functionality of the cloud, without danger of compromising their data. In addition to file protection, Mozy also enables file sync across devices such as multiple laptops, desktops, and smartphones.

Identity Assurance

RSA SecurID Access provides strong, advanced authentication featuring context-based access control and single sign-on for secure, convenient access to web and SaaS applications, native mobile apps and traditional enterprise resources.

Threat Detection and Response

RSA NetWitnessEndpoint uses the latest in behavioral analytics and machine learning to help organizations rapidly detect and focus investigations.

Unified Endpoint Management

VMware AirWatch Unified Endpoint Management provides comprehensive, over-the-air management across all platforms including full Windows lifecycle management from the cloud. This includes configuration management, software distribution management, operating system (OS) patch management, client health and security management. AirWatch Unified Endpoint Management enables IT to deploy security patches and OS updates faster, install software more reliably and consolidate operational processes across all devices – on or off the domain and across any network. 

 Organizations today are focusing perimeter security, according to Matt Eastwood, senior vice-president, enterprise infrastructure and data centre, at IDC.

“…as employee mobility has increased and the number of mobile devices in use has exploded, an increasing number of breaches are occurring at the device level,” he said. “IDC believes that a unified policy-based approach to data and endpoint security which leverages comprehensive systems management capabilities for all connected devices is the best way to achieve security and compliance end-to-end.”

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