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Dell EMC releases PowerScale, a new family of storage systems

Dell EMC releases PowerScale, a new family of storage systems 

Dell Technologies has released Dell EMC PowerScale, which is a new family of storage systems built with high quality industry storage software and server hardware. The EMC PowerScale will be the new industry standard for businesses to maximize the use of unstructured data like images, social media content, documents and videos.

Dell EMC PowerScale is powered by the next generation of OneFS, the same OS that runs Dell EMC Isilon. Aside from this, the PowerScale also features new 1U PowerEdge-based PowerScale nodes and the same Isilon all-flash, hybrid and archive nodes, which are powering the PowerScale OneFS 9.0 OS.

Customers demanding analytics, artificial intelligence, digital media, IOT, life sciences and healthcare can now have better workload performance with PowerScale. This can deliver 15.8 million input-output operations per second (IOPS), and five times quicker all-flash PowerScale nodes than its predecessor. Lastly, the platform is also four times more efficient with its enhanced inline data reduction.

Some of its specific capabilities are listed below:

  • Scale without disruption: It can cluster 11TB to 50PB and millions of files without any disruptions or downtime. In just 60 seconds, nodes can also be added to either an existing Isilon or PowerScale.
  • Intelligent automation: Customers can get the most performance out of a cluster with PowerScale’s resource distribution capability.
  • Resilient and efficient: It can deliver 80 per cent storage utilization across a cluster and sustain multi-node failures.
  • Programmable infrastructure: Customers are able to streamline application development and reduce deployment time frames with PowerScale’s support from management and container orchestration frameworks like Ansible, Kubernetes, and OpenShift.
  • Put data to work: With the introduction of Dell EMC DataIQ software, companies can extract business information with unstructured data. DataIQ has the capacity to break down data silos by offering a single file and object view across Dell EMC, public cloud storage, and third-party.
  • Proactive health monitoring: CloudIQ infrastructure monitoring and analytics software included with PowerScale can provide customers with real-time data and capacity analysis for machine learning and human intelligence.
  • Any applications: PowerScale OneFS 9.0 features multiprotocol support for new applications relying on object storage. Customers can also run a large number of traditional and modern applications without any compatibility challenges.
  • Deployment flexibility: PowerScale can be quickly deployed in data centers. Its 1U footprint and minimum cluster size of new all-flash and NVMe PowerScale nodes make it the best option for edge deployments.
  • Multi-cloud support: It can connect to all major public clouds which are ideal for clients who want to move or deploy demanding applications in the cloud. It is also offering PowerScale for Google Cloud which combines the performance of PowerScale with simplicity of Google Cloud.

Dell EMC PowerScale OneFS 9.0, PowerScale nodes and DataIQ are now available around the world.

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