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Dell EMC announces ScaleIO Ready Node

Dell EMC announces ScaleIO Ready Node 

The new product:

  • Achieves millions of IOPS for mission critical workloads by combining the power of all-flash and SDS, according to an ESG report
  • Reduces the five year cost of operations by 50 per cent, according to an IDC whitepaper.
  • Simplifies the procurement, qualification and support processes by going with a single provider, which is Dell EMC

Key innovation sinclude:

  • Next-Gen Hardware: ScaleIO Ready Node runs on workload-optimized Dell PowerEdge rack servers
  • Enhanced Caching Layer: Caching software makes the most actively used data accessible in faster-responding media for applications utilizing hybrid-based configurations 
  • Operating System Flexibility: ScaleIO Ready Node delivers a server SAN with the flexibility needed to adapt as business needs and standards change


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Enterprise IT leaders get it says Dell report

ScaleO Ready Node supports both traditional two-tier and hyper-converged application deployments in any combination in the same software defined storage service.

This provides an “easy path to the software-defined, hyper-converged data center,” according to Dell EMC.

The SSD drives within the ScaleIO Ready Node  work in parallel to help eliminate performance bottlenecks.

The ability to take advantage of the aggregate performance of the SSDs in a single node makes it possible for performance to scale linearly as nodes are added,” the company said. “For applications that require ultra-high performance, the all-flash configurations support critical enterprise applications, back-up.”

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