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Dell announces Wyse WSM 7

Dell announces Wyse WSM 7 

The company says it has been working tirelessly towards these goals. Dell recently announced the release of a thin client for organizations with space constraints that need an elegant customer-facing endpoint device.

The dual core Wyse Intel-based 3000 series thin client is what Dell believes will suit customers who need strong performance from virtual desktops without a hefty price tag and Dell says the Wyse 3000 series offers enterprise-grade performance at an entry-level price point.

The company says that it has focused much more than just improving and expanding its endpoints and claims to be committed to maintaining their end-to-end approach to desktop virtualization, including servers, management, software, security and services.

Dell will announce its new Dell Wyse WSM 7 this week at the Dell Solutions Summit in Brussels.

Wyse WSM
Dell says Wyse WSM is a secure and easy-to-manage desktop virtualization software solution, which can deliver any Windows application to run on a physical or virtual desktop, without security risks. WSM delivers virtualized operating systems and applications to traditional desktops, Wyse cloud desktops and server platforms, with the choice of re-using existing PCs or deploying Wyse cloud clients.

The company says these desktops are power saving and are easy to replace if lost or damaged, since no data or applications are stored locally. These aspects translate into reduced costs, increased security and reduced environmental impact.

With WSM, IT teams have increased control of the application layering capabilities which allow administrators to provision individual applications or groups of applications to any physical or virtual desktop. Additionally, a client caching feature boosts the performance of virtual desktops and applications delivered over WSM, which leads to reduced server storage and network bandwidth.

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