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Dell and VMware announce software-defined data centre partnership

Dell and VMware announce software-defined data centre partnership 

The agreement will see Dell and VMware work with Cumulus Networks to launch VMware’s new NSX network visualization platform. Additionally, Dell will be rolling out an enhanced converged infrastructure solution that features VMware NSX.

“Global organizations are adopting the software-defined data centre as an open, agile, secure and efficient architecture to simplify IT and transition to the hybrid cloud,” said Raghu Raghuram, executive V.P. of VMware’s SDDC Division in a press release. “The software-defined data centre enables open innovation at speeds that cannot be matched in the hardware-defined world. As partners, VMware and Dell are committed to advancing networking in the SDDC, and are collaborating to make the next-generation of advanced network virtualization available to our mutual customers.”

The collaboration effort will enable both companies to provide customers with several benefits. These include a transition from rigid, proprietary network solutions to a more flexible mechanic, accelerated deployment, and increased connectivity between physical and virtual networks.

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