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DeFi Ventures’ launch and closing of its seed financing

DeFi Ventures’ launch and closing of its seed financing 

The Vancouver-based start-up DeFi Ventures Inc. was able to raise $2M CAD during its seed financing round which was closed on March 8. This round included investors who are known Canadian angel investors and VCs, including strategic investors from a US-based technology hedge fund, BIGG Digital and First Block Capital.

The company is a tech entity which is looking at streamlining access to the assets and technology involving decentralized finance. In line with this, DeFi Ventures is launching DFX, a dashboard that integrates with the whole DeFi ecosystem. The company also holds and stakes digital assets to provide investors an easier way to gain exposure to DeFi assets.

The company was co-founded by Ben Samaroo, Cong Ly and Kartik Bajaj, who were also founders of a cryptocurrency startup, First Coin Capital. This was then sold to Galaxy Digital in 2018 in connection with its public listing on the TSX-V. Part of team as well is Dean Sutton who co-founded LQwD Financial Corp. and was founding advisor to Argo Blockchain which is publicly traded on the London Stock Exchange.

Decentralized finance has incredible potential but is still a complex and fragmented space. We aim to fully leverage our team’s outstanding engineering talent and expertise in fintech to create better access to this nascent ecosystem” says Samaroo. DeFi Ventures is currently composed of six team members and is actively hiring new talent.

For more information about DeFi Ventures, visit or sign up for DFX at

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