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D&H executives share future hopes and growth opportunities

D&H executives share future hopes and growth opportunities 

“Any time you continue to grow and need a new home in the market, it’s exciting,” said Tobin. He added that the move was carried out in such a way that it disrupted business as little as possible. D&H Canada was able to meet its obligations to its customers as before.

Tobin noted that the new warehouse space is twice as large as the previous location. Moreover, the office is three times bigger than before. Both the amount of merchandise D&H distributes as well as the number of employees has grown in the seven years since D&H came to Canada. “We’re investing in Canada,” he declared.

What does D&H’s investment mean for the Canadian reseller community? “It means that it gives us more of an assortment of products,” Tobin responded. “There’s more inventory for solution providers.” Davis added, “They rely on us to have inventory in stock. A bigger inventory allows us to do that.”

Moreover, a larger warehouse and more staff members enable D&H to take advantage of opportunities it could not before. “We’re able to do larger programs and rollouts,” Tobin commented. “It allows us to make bigger buys and be ready for the season,” Davis remarked.

The larger warehouse is already benefiting D&H Canada. “It allows us to accelerate our growth,” Tobin asserted. “One issue was the logistical constraints of the old building. This building opens up new opportunities. We’re up 22 percent so far in FY’14, which started in May.”

Tobin and Davis discussed trends that will affect Canadian resellers and how D&H Canada will be able to meet their needs. “The XP refresh accelerated the notebook business,” Davis commented. “We see a big opportunity to grow our server business. The end of life for Windows Server 2003 is coming up. People want to get in front of that.” Tobin added, “That builds a new ecosystem. People are going to need new mice, new keyboards, etc.”

Although tablets are selling well, Davis pointed out that notebooks are still popular, and the market for those devices continues to grow. Tobin noted that web security and monitoring as well as storage will be important vehicles for reseller growth in the coming months, all of which D&H can supply. Davis predicts wearable devices will be future big sellers, although the market for such items is currently limited.

Davis and Tobin both shared their optimism about the new warehouse and how it will lead to development for the company. “We’re looking forward to continuing high growth in Canada,” Davis said. Tobin provided the reason for that expansion: “We’re humbled by our customers,” he remarked. “Without them, there would be no growth.”

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