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D&H Canada negotiates Black Friday deals for resellers

D&H Canada negotiates Black Friday deals for resellers 

Although Black Friday originated in the United States, Canadian retailers and resellers have begun to encourage this trend north of the border with the hope that Canadian consumers will shop at home rather than go south to take advantage of American sales.

D&H is helping resellers provide quality promotions to Canadian consumers by directing them to rebates and discounts. In turn, this will raise margins for D&H customers and allow them to maximize profit potentials by delivering more competitive deals.

Promotions will apply to a number of products types, including SSD drives, Bluetooth tablet and PC accessories, memory products, Wi-Fi and USB peripherals, iPod and iPad cases, chargers, wall mounts, gaming gear, power supplies.

Among the deals D&H has struck with its partners are rebates of up to $400 per item and discounts of up to 30 per cent on select merchandise.

“Black Friday has been gaining traction in the Canadian marketplace, and we want our customers to be able to take full advantage, “said Greg Tobin, GM, D&H Canada. “As a distribution partner, our goal is to provide as many tools as possible to help our resellers deliver competitive deals to ready themselves for this crucial sales opportunity.”

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