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D&H Canada holds warehouse grand opening

D&H Canada holds warehouse grand opening 

The new warehouse represents D&H’s investment in the Canadian market. It is twice the size of the previous warehouse location. On a tour, executives and managers from D&H explained how the company has stayed successful in a competitive climate.

Hiring the top talent and retaining them is part of the secret to success and has allowed the company to grow, managers shared. By selecting the right people for the job and treating them well, D&H Canada has kept the original warehouse staff it started off with when it opened seven years ago and attracted more qualified individuals. Managers pointed out that every member of the warehouse team pitched in to move to the new warehouse. As a result, D&H Canada did not lose a single day of business.

In addition to the increase in space, the new location is laid out for maximum productivity and efficiency. Internal supplies such as shelving are stored out of the way so that the greatest amount of space can be devoted to merchandise. Popular items will be stored in one area so that employees can pick them off the shelves for shipment as quickly as possible.

The new warehouse also allows D&H to maintain its focus on customers and suppliers. It has more receiving doors so that the warehouse staff will never have to turn away a truck full of deliveries. There is also a dedicated team to interact with customers. D&H’s aim is to have items ready for customer pickup so they can be in and out the door in three minutes. Managers added that they will go the “extra mile” and stay late so that a customer can pick up a product.

Other technological advances include the addition of a CubiScan unit that can determine the dimensions of an item so that pickers do not need to manually enter the information into a database. Managers claim it provides a significant efficiency gain when suppliers send them new products that are not already in their system.

D&H Canada is also going green. The warehouse now has a cardboard compactor that breaks down boxes and allows the company to sell the output to recyclers. Although this profit is small compared to the rest of the business, managers touted its environmental friendliness and pointed to D&H’s commitment to the planet.

Security is another important feature of D&H’s new warehouse. Managers noted that internal theft is a far lower risk than the threat of break-ins. Exterior cameras provide a view of the receiving docks, and metal detectors prevent visitors from stealing merchandise. Another security measure is the cold seal machine. This device packs items in thick paper packaging. The packaging significantly lowers the amount of pilferage throughout the supply chain. D&H’s cold seal machine has also boosted efficiency; managers estimate that it has reduced the time to ship by two hours.

Managers expect the growth to continue, thanks to both the warehouse’s larger space and its hardworking team.

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