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D&H adds new vendors to roster, sees growth in mobile sales

D&H adds new vendors to roster, sees growth in mobile sales 

The company credits a surge of interest in tablets and other mobile devices for this development – the company has seen a 50 per cent increase in tablet sales this year.

D&H recently completed a deal with Dell to carry its consumer products, and also added several new components vendors to its custom system builder marketplace: AMD, Seagate, Cooler Master, HighPoint, among others.

Moreover, as the April cut-off deadline for Microsoft XP and Microsoft Server 2003 support approaches, D&H encourages its VARs to offer full network upgrades as they migrate their customers away from the XP operating system. The company believes that this presents a valuable business opportunity for its resellers.

“D&H Canada has had the privilege of helping its customers move into new fields this year, such as retail- and consumer-oriented technologies,” said Greg Tobin, GM, D&H Distributing.  

“As we come upon some crucial industry deadlines in 2014, the business community will call upon its IT advisors to guide them in their transitions.  We’re ready to support our resellers with the right expertise and product offerings, so they can leverage this opportunity.”

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