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Cybercrooks hold hospital data for bitcoin ransom

Cybercrooks hold hospital data for bitcoin ransom 


Staff were reduced to jotting down patient information using pen and paper, departments were reduced to communicating through faxes, and patients had to go to the hospital to pick up test results because the email servers where down.

Radiation and oncology departments were almost at a standstill and employees were banned from using computers.

Sophos said the attack began on February 5.

Recently, Sophos updated its report. It said that Allen Stefanek, president and CEO of the hospital announced that the attackers were actually demanding only 40 bitcoins or approximately $17,000.

The Los Angeles Times reported that the FBI has taken charge of the investigation.

Still the danger remains for other healthcare facilities, according to Sophos.

“Bottom line: please take precautions, and please keep backups: up-to-date, separate, off-site. You never want to face what Hollywood Presbyterian’s been going through,” the company said in a blog.

Sophos suggested reading a previous one of its older articles on recognizing and preventing the new Locky ransomware, “which returns to the vintage approach of infecting you through Microsoft Office macros.”

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