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CyberArk survey: NSA and retail breaches are biggest enterprise fear

CyberArk survey: NSA and retail breaches are biggest enterprise fear 

Three hundred and seventy three C-level IT security executives were interviewed. Thirty seven percent stated that Edward Snowden’s breach of the NSA concerned them the most, while 31 percent declared their top fear was retail PoS attacks. Nineteen percent told interviewers that government-sponsored espionage was their greatest concern. Thirty percent were anxious about BYOD, and 26 percent shared that they find cloud computing to be their biggest worry. Sixteen percent said that IoT concerned them more than any other issue.

The majority of organizations fear that attacks to take over accounts are the most difficult to detect and respond. The critical link between the NSA breach and retail/PoS breaches was the compromise and exploitation of privileged credentials while the former was regarded as an insider-based attack.

Cyber attackers mainly use the network access route provided by enterprises to their third-party clients and the most devastating attacks were in the past year. Sixty percent of businesses said that they allow third-party clients network access. Fifty eight percent of that group are not confident their clients are securely accessing their network.

The survey found that attackers steal privileged credentials – like employee credentials – to gain a pseudo insider status and infiltrate an organization’s network. More than half the respondents believe the attacker is an insider or has been one in the last year. Once the privileged account is taken over, 29 percent fear that is when malware is implanted.

The study also found that 31 percent of organizations were currently considering deploying some form of security analytics, 23 percent of enterprises were planning for it in the next year, but 33 percent had no such plans.

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