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CSC debuts new advanced threat detection service

CSC debuts new advanced threat detection service 

Its security offerings now include an advanced threat detection (ATD) solution, supported by CSC’s global network of security operation centres. The ATD service protects against advanced malware that can evade traditional cybersecurity controls.  

“Advanced threats, sometimes called weapons-grade threats, represent an important cybersecurity challenge, reflecting both technical sophistication, operational resources and discipline in the hands of skilled human adversaries,” said Samuel S. Visner, vice president and general manager for CSC Global Cybersecurity. “Detecting such threats is vital to the protection of critical infrastructure systems, intellectual property, financial information and other valuable data. Ordinary detection technologies are not adequate, and go-it-alone selection of technologies can be haphazard and expensive. Enterprises need the ability to detect these threats, which change frequently, as part of an integrated package of cybersecurity protection services.”

CSC’s ATD service uses Trend Micro’s Deep Discovery – a set of malware detection and analysis software tools – to better analyze and respond to threats. With Trend Micro’s software, CSC’s ATD solution provides businesses with real-time visibility, analysis and reporting. It lets businesses manage vulnerabilities and cyber threats across the entire enterprise. 

In addition, the ATD service provides security protection at points of intersection between multiple organizations. As large companies require IT links to their suppliers, partners and customers, these links are often targets for cyber attacks. The new service aims to reduce these threats for linked corporate entities.

“Very few enterprises have the wide variety of advanced security expertise needed to monitor and catch targeted attacks,” said Wendy Nather, research director of the enterprise security practice at 451 Research. “You need to match an army of attackers with an army of defenders. CSC’s ATD service offers real-time intelligence, adaptive protection and rapid response capabilities.”

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