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COVID-19 vaccine phishing attacks rose to 530% according to research

COVID-19 vaccine phishing attacks rose to 530% according to research 

In the latest research conducted by Palo Alto Networks, phishing trends relating to COVID-19 is seen to have evolved as attackers have continued to alter their chosen tactics to adapt to the latest trends concerning the pandemic, with the goal to have their victims experience a sense of urgency to give up their credentials online.

Some of the latest trends include Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) as well as testing kits around March of 2020; government stimulus programs which started April until Summer of 2020; and vaccines from late Fall 2020 onwards. Some of these even include fake news on the U.S. Trading Commission website that posed as the U.S. Federal Trade Commission to get credentials from users. 

Based on the study, vaccine-related phishing attacks skyrocketed to 530 per cent from December 2020 to February 2021, while those related to pharmacies and hospitals increased by 189 per cent.

The research predicts that as long as the vaccine rollouts continue, these phishing attacks will still rise globally. 

Read the full report here.

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