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Coraid introduces EtherCloud Insight

Coraid introduces EtherCloud Insight 

EtherCloud Insight integrates into the storage infrastructure itself. It utilizes software sensors located in endpoints of the storage network, including Linux, VMware, Solaris, and Windows servers and Coraid’s storage appliances, to collect granular data on metrics including throughput, latency, IOPS, IO patterns, block size and queue depth. EtherCloud Insight gathers information without an impact on the performance or reliability of the storage and the network. Thanks to these capabilities, a data centre operator can analyze and troubleshoot performance issues before they result in downtime and ensure that the data centres’ resources are efficiently utilized.

“Data centre operators have struggled to resolve storage performance issues in virtualized and cloud environments due to a lack of real-time, end-to-end visibility. EtherCloud Insight is the first platform that can deliver advanced performance analytics across the entire data path: server, network and storage layers,” said Coraid CEO Kevin Brown. “EtherCloud Insight delivers powerful, fine-grained analytics to reduce downtime, simplify performance troubleshooting and reduce over-provisioning in growing storage environments.”

The company’s other products have garnered praise from analysts. “Coraid has won an impressive set of enterprise and cloud customers by combining enterprise storage features with an elastic scale-out architecture. EtherCloud Insight strengthens its differentiation in Ethernet storage by enabling detailed, real-time visibility into all of the key elements of storage performance,” said Ashish Nadkarni, research director, storage systems, at IDC. “Advancements of this type can help customers speed the transition from Fibre Channel storage networking to commodity Ethernet, thereby reducing costs and increasing flexibility.”

EtherCloud Insight will be available in the fourth quarter of this year. 

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