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Cool gadgets from CES 2016

Cool gadgets from CES 2016 

There’s simply no way for us to bring you all the goods on display at CES 2016. But we can highlight a few that did catch our attention.

DJI Inspire 1 Camera Mount

For the videographer with soaring aspirations, Chinese technology company DJI has come up with a versatile handheld video camera grip for the company’s mini cam. The mount comes with a mic input.

 CES 2016 DJI Inspire Camera Mount

The grip can also be easily mounted onto the DJI Inspire 1 aerial drone. The system enables users to capture smooth 4K resolution footage ideal for documentary filming.

Smart looking smart glasses from Karl Zeiss

Looking back, it now seems Google got it wrong with the Google Glass.

Yes, smart glasses with video recording capabilities looked cool for a while, but not when you were being turned away from restaurants and clubs for wearing one.

CES 2016 Karl Zeiss glasses


Enter Carl Zeiss. The maker of high-quality optics has released its own smart glasses with augmented reality capabilities, but the product actually looks…well like regular glasses. How cool is that?

The lenses can be fitted to a variety of frames that serve different applications.

Thin is still in with Samsung’s Notebook 9

Korean electronics giant Samsung is showcasing the company’s Notebook 9 line of ultra-thin Windows 10 laptops at the CES.

CES2016 Samsung Notebook9

The 13” model weighs just 0.84kg or 1.85lbs while the 15” model is 1.29kg or 2.84lbs. Both machines use Intel’s Skylake processors can scale up to a maximum of Core i7 CPU, 8GB of RAM and 128GB of SSD storage for the 13” unit and 256GB for the 15” unit.

Flexible OLED display from LG

Will people be rolling up their e-readers as they do their newspaper? LG certainly hopes so.

CES2016 18inchRollableOLED

The company is proud to exhibit its 18” paper-thin OLED display. When the product was first announced in 2014, the panel was only 3mm thick and had a 1,200×810 pixel resolution.

LG also has a paper-thin 55” OLED TV display and another 55” display that can two separate images on both sides.

Bass boost from Phaz

Hollywood, Calif-based company Phaz is taking the ubiquitous headphone to whole new level.

The company’s latest product forgoes with the headphone jack and connects to a phone’s data port instead. In so doing, the audio components in the headphone can access higher quality data and sounds that the typical headphone.

CES 2016 Phaz2

The battery in the headphone can also charge your smartphone while you’re listening to music. They don’t come cheap, though. The P5 Bluetooth model retails for $499.99.

Phone controlled skateboard from RoketSkates

Hoverboards are so 2015. RoketSkates’ Blink-Board is one skateboard that will have Marty McFly drooling.

The 26.5” long electric skateboard looks much like your typical “penny board” but it actually comes with Bluetooth connectivity that links it to the rider’s smartphone. The rider can use his smartphone to control the board and monitor stats such as speed and battery life.

CES 2016 Blink Boark

The Blink-Board has a 1500W motor capable of power the 4.5kg board to speeds of up to 15 mph. If you happen to forget your phone, don’t worry. The Blink-Board also comes with a remote control.

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