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Consolidating cloud control with VMware on IBM Cloud and Intel TXT

Consolidating cloud control with VMware on IBM Cloud and Intel TXT 

The solution provides organizations with location-based controls that enables operators enforce regulatory compliance, and limit the migration of virtual machines only to servers specified by policies created by the operators.

Intel TXT creates a measured launch environment (MLE) composed of all the critical elements of a launch environment ranging from BIOS to hypervisor.

During the boot process, the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) holds the computer generated keys for encryption which essentially is a code that measures, extends, verifies, and executes—over and over to establish a system as trusted.

If the current boot environment does not match the known good configuration, Intel TXT hardware will prevent the launch protecting critical applications and servers from potential threats.

To find out how to get started with Intel TXT and how to secure your workloads using VMware with the IBM Cloud, click here to access a free downloadable material.

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