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Connecting the wires of community care

Connecting the wires of community care 

A cloud-based talent management suite from Ottawa’s own Halogen Software is helping Community Care, Inc. in such a dilemma.

Based in Wisconsin, Community Care is exactly what the name suggests. As a nonprofit care management organization serving the region’s elders and disabled adults, employee performance is all the more important.

“Our previous process didn’t give managers a way to set clear goals or expectations, and so there was little accountability for employees,” says Sherrice Gilcreast, Chief Administrative Officer, Community Care. “There was no clear definition of what “high performance” meant or what manager expectations were for certain jobs.”

Inconsistencies in assessments, compensation and support are all problems resulting from a lack of established communication. These discrepancies compromise patient care and learning opportunities for employees.

That’s where Halogen Software comes in.

With the Halogen Performance, Halogen Learning and Halogen Job Description Builder products, the company was able to strategically create a performance-based culture. This new method of business was reinforced in workshops and training courtesy of the Halogen’s Performance Management Essentials.

“With Halogen we have tools like Feedback Central that helps easily gather feedback from employees, managers and clients and link it to our other talent processes like performance reviews, learning and development,” says Gilcreast. “Conversations between managers and employees have begun shifting from discussing activities to talking about contributions and results.”

These discussions are what keep businesses moving forward. By connecting employees throughout all levels, a company becomes resilient enough to grow. 

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