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Computer Economics: IT growth set to rise in 2014

Computer Economics: IT growth set to rise in 2014 

In line with the IT staffing forecast, IT budgets will increase 2.4 percent, an increase that is about in line with revenue growth and similar to what has occurred over the past few years. “What we are seeing is slow and steady improvement, but the growth is still a long way from robust,” said Frank Scavo, president of Computer Economics, in a press release.

“The hiring is primarily concentrated in larger organizations, as it has been,” Scavo remarked. “But the rise in the median is a good sign that the recovery is broadening its base to include more midsize companies and additional sectors.”

The survey also found that IT capital spending growth has come to a halt with a zero percent growth rate in the budget of organizations surveyed. The reason for this remains unclear.

Scavo commented , “Although the trend toward cloud systems is real, we do not believe it yet represents a major portion of the IT budget for most organizations.”

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