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Compliance in a hybrid cloud, how IBM and VMware can help

Compliance in a hybrid cloud, how IBM and VMware can help 

With more individuals and devices demanding access to systems and data, organizations will need a secure way of granting and controlling access, monitoring administrative actions, reining in workloads, and more. CISO need to be assured that IT is able to authenticate users and devices, and applications are operating securely in the cloud and on-prem.

VMware’s HyTrust Cloud Control (HTCC) and Data Control (HTDC) running on IBM Cloud bare metal servers provide the foundation for a secure cloud infrastructure where organizations can run workloads that are subject to strict regulatory compliance.

HTCC and HTDC enforce data sovereignty and ensure workloads are not executed outside authorized regions.

HTCC and HTDC use Intel Trusted Execution Technology to set policy- based admin access, create granular audit trails, and encrypt data to a specified pool of servers.

These are capabilities that assist organizations in conforming to regulatory regimes such as FISMA, HIPAA/HITECH, PCI DSS 3.1, CIIS, and FedRAMP.

To learn more about how VMware HTCC and HTDC on IBM Cloud help your organization with its regulatory compliance needs, click on this link to access the Enabling Compliance in a Hybrid Cloud white paper and other resources.

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