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Cologix publishes colocation buyer’s guide

Cologix publishes colocation buyer’s guide 

The data centre colocation and interconnection provider believes its e-book will provide valuable information for the decision-making process. Graham Williams, chief commercial officer, Cologix, discussed why colocation is a good choice for some companies and shared important considerations when deciding on colocation options.

“Every day, we speak with enterprises that are evaluating the benefits of replacing their internal IT rooms with outsourced colocation, and many of these colocation buyers are considering outsourcing for the first time,” Williams said. “The impetus for the Colocation Buyer’s Guide and Checklist was to make their job easier. We set out to equip colocation buyers with a concise framework and comparison tool that they can use early on in their evaluation process. It’s a tool intended to help them identify industry standards, ensure that their current and future needs are addressed during their evaluation process, and ultimately make more informed decisions.”

The e-book begins by highlighting five common challenges in IT infrastructure management. They include properly managing space and power, efficiently cooling equipment, finding a reliable data centre, scalability and making sure that the solution chosen is future-proof and allows for flexible network access. Cologix believes colocation meets these challenges and makes IT infrastructure management easier.

Cologix’s guide also discusses what questions IT professionals should ask when selecting a colocation facility. The 15 questions focus on what the organization’s goals are for colocation, security requirements, interconnectivity and redundancy, among other topics. One of the issues that Cologix suggests IT professionals keep in mind is the importance of network neutrality. For Canadians, this is easier said than done, as the number of network-neutral data centres has shrunk dramatically in this country over the past few years.

“There are far fewer network-neutral data centers in Canada today than there were two years ago – largely because of industry consolidation,” Williams acknowledged. He emphasized the benefits of choosing a network-neutral data centre over one that offers only one carrier. “Network-neutral data centers are open marketplaces that empower customers with choice, giving them many more networks to select from to find best in breed solutions,” Williams commented. “In addition, neutral data centers provide buying power that reduces networking costs, eliminates switching costs and helps future-proof IT decisions made today. These benefits are more important to customers who leverage lots of bandwidth or support high performance applications.”

Williams believes there is a need for IT professionals to ask the 15 questions in the e-book before they select a colocation provider. “The interesting thing is that IT buyers almost universally do end up asking these same questions, but usually only after learning lessons the hard way,” he remarked. “When people are not asking these questions, it means that they haven’t been burned yet. It only takes one bad experience to learn that planning for growth and taking a total cost of ownership view, inclusive of network costs, is critical when evaluating colocation providers. Cologix wanted to aggregate these hard lessons learned to allow enterprises to skip those painful steps and speedup the learning curve.”

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