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CloudSigma and CloudLeap form disaster recovery partnership

CloudSigma and CloudLeap form disaster recovery partnership 

The partnership between public cloud IaaS provider CloudSigma and CloudLeap, a cloud migration and high-availability SaaS firm, will enable businesses to perform migrations from on-site or other cloud platforms. These migrations would then be transferred to CloudSigma’s public cloud.

“This partnership comes at a strategic time in the IaaS industry’s development,” CloudSigma CEO Robert Jenkins said in a press release. “With Rackspace moving away from its IaaS role to focus more on managed services, there are many companies contacting us looking for an easy way to migrate their VMs to a provider like CloudSigma instead of opting for Rackspace’s much more expensive managed hosting offering. Our new integration with CloudLeap allows them to achieve that quickly, easily and with little or no disruption to running services.”

Under the new agreement, users of CloudLeap will now be able to take advantage of the CloudSigma platform, should an outage for improved disaster recovery and high availability occur.

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