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Cloudera announces Cloudera Connect: Cloud

Cloudera announces Cloudera Connect: Cloud 

Through these new partnerships, Cloudera will now be able to offer clients unified data management and analytics in cloud-based environments, and provide flexibility in deployment, consumption and choice of vendor for big data deployments.

Additionally, Cloudera will soon provide support for deployments in the Amazon Web Services Cloud, as well as private cloud deployments through OpenStack and VMware.

“The cloud will play a significant role in the future of the enterprise, and Cloudera and Hadoop are part of that future,” said Tim Stevens, VP, Corporate and Business Development, Cloudera.

“We remain committed to solving higher order big data problems for our customers that will enable them to ask bigger questions and derive more sophisticated insights from their data — wherever it lives — from a single, unified enterprise data management platform. Cloudera’s richly diverse partner ecosystem is helping to provide the innovation and variety that our customers require to solve all of their data challenges.”

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