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Cloud storage at home and what to expect at MWC 2017

Cloud storage at home and what to expect at MWC 2017 

MWC 2017

We are a few days from Mobile World Congress 2017, which will run from Feb 27 to Mar 2 in Barcelona. As you know this is one of the biggest mobile device events that is held every year. What can we expect?

The focus will be on trends in mobility – IoT, Chatbots, Digital Payment and Retail banking technology. Also, we can expect TCL BlackBerry to announce the BlackBerry Mercury, LG to showcase its G6, HMD Global to promote the Nokia lines of phones, Moto, Lenovo, Samsung and Sony will also feature their new phones.

Personal Cloud Storage

It is estimated that by the year 2020 there will be over 2.3 billion personal cloud storage consumers or users. Most today are using the mainstream – cloud services from companies like Google, Apple, Microsoft, and Dropbox. But, security is a concern for many. How private and secure are my docs, files, pics, videos on a cloud server somewhere I don’t even know?

Hear about a product that can be housed in your own home that can provide the service as cloud storage.

I like this service because in the long term it is a cheaper means of buying cloud storage service, also it is faster than the other cloud services. And the best reason is you can literally store all your data at home, and not in a server in some unknown location – so your security and privacy are intact.

Google Sheets Update

In our office, we use Google Sheets to collaborate with remote staff, if you use Google Sheets then you will be happy to know like us that Google has made some updates to this service.

One of the most important new features is the ability to rotate text, which allows users to fit long header names into thin columns or fit more text on a single screen. The new option is available in Sheets by heading to Format – Text rotation. Also, accounting number formats, which enables Sheets users to read budgets, expense reports, as well as other spreadsheets featuring monetary amounts much easier. You can access this feature from within the app at Format – Number – Accounting.

Google also confirmed support for using a mouse with the Sheets for Android has been implemented too, as well as the ability to view and select existing custom colours in the app. iOS users got some love too, as Google added the ability to drag and drop rows and columns in the Sheets for the iOS app.

The new update allows Sheets users to choose from more border styles, including various thickness and double borders.

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