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Cloud computing keeps company competitive

Cloud computing keeps company competitive 

The company’s program tracks and links to return metrics. Founded in 2009, Allocadia has 10 employees. Steuart estimated that Allocadia has 500 customers, although that number continues to rise. She acknowledged that several other vendors provide similar services to Allocadia. However, Allocadia is the only one which operates in a cloud-based environment. The firm turned to Indicee, a Vancouver-based cloud computing company, to release its product quickly and in a cost effective manner.

The IT solution
Indicee used its own business intelligence (BI) application to create Allocadia’s program. The app analyzes incoming data formats and turns them into a model against which reports and dashboards can be built. Indicee pre-configured Allocadia’s BI model, as it does for every customer.

Allocadia’s developers integrated Indicee’s BI application in its own program, which allowed Allocadia to deliver the service to the end users. Steuart remarked that the use of Indicee’s services meant that product delivery was “no longer cumbersome.” She credits Allocadia’s in-house experts with getting the company’s system up and running quickly. No other partners were involved in implementing the technology.

Outcomes, lessons learned, and best practices
Implementation took place in stages. After a month, Allocadia developers had created a “quick” solution for their clients. It took three to four months for a fuller integration. Steuart noted that the challenges Allocadia faced in deploying its service had less to do with the technology and more to do with its customers. “It was more about understanding our clients’ business requirements than the technical requirements,” Steuart said. Her team had to ascertain whether Allocadia’s services “were really necessary” to the end user. “We needed to understand what the customer needed,” Steuart concluded.{mospagebreak}To implement the technology efficiently and quickly, Allocadia formulated a set of best practices. Developers at the company spoke to clients to gain a deep, clear comprehension of their business processes and the benefits they expected. Steuart added that definite end goals were another component of her firm’s best practices.

Steuart learned that getting feedback early in the process, both internal and external, was very helpful. Other important lessons were rolling out the product in phases and setting clear milestones. Overall, Steuart found that “cloud computing has benefited our business.”

Allocadia’s CEO believed the advantages of using cloud computing far outweigh any possible obstacles her company encountered during the implementation process, focusing particularly on cost savings, the ability of the cloud approach to help Allocadia avoid the need to hire more developers, and the fact that Indicee’s BI app enabled Allocadia to bring its own product to market much faster. She also saw an increase in her staff’s output, because Allocadia programmers did not need to create basic capabilities themselves. Steuart said her team “is leaner and faster.” Thanks to Indicee’s solutions, Steuart said that Allocadia’s customers “got the best reporting solution on the market, and fast.” 

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